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Quick-Opening Closures

The calculation, design and manufacture of quick-opening closures for pressure vessels is part of our extensive portfolio and is tailored to customer requirements.

Every closure is a single-unit or special production - the calculation, materials to be used, design and approval are carried out from A to Z in consultation with our customers. Of course, we comply with common European and international standards and regulations.

Our quick-opening closures are equipped with all necessary safety devices based on specified guidelines and additional specifications. These devices prevent the closure from opening under pressure.

Possible options:

  • Clampring closure
  • Segment closure
  • Bayonet closure (BDG-System)

Possible designs:

  • With manual or power-assisted opening mechanism (i.e. hydraulics)
  • Welding end or with flange connection
  • For horizontal and vertical vessels
  • With or without cover

Gallery with pictures will be updated.