Services & Products


On request, our team will design individual machines and equipment in accordance with strict quality and safety requirements. We accompany you from installation to commissioning and are at your side to advise you on your individual project.

We support you with:

  • Manufacture of various products in the field of vessel and apparatus construction
  • New development, construction and production of workshop drawings in 2D and 3D
  • Complete delivery of our construction or your external construction
  • Product development according to your requirements
  • Production monitoring and coordination
  • Design and strength calculation

The strength of pressure vessels is calculated according to AD 2000, DIN EN 13445, ASME VIII Div. I. with evidence for:

  • Internal and external overpressure
  • External load (e.g. nozzle loads using FEM)
  • Evidence of fatigue or determination of the permissible load changes

Product development and construction using professional 3D CAD software with output of all common file formats (* .dwg, * .dxf, * .stp, ...).