Information about AJM Beratungs- und Vertretungs-GmbH

About Us

With the development of new industrial areas Germany obtains Poland as an emerging and developing Partner. Since the eastward enlargement both nations can benefit from the sustainable use of an innovative sales and procurement market.

Besides the central location in Middle Europe Poland offers economical opportunities and future-oriented perspectives like constantly growing purchase power and the wage cost advantage. With almost 40 Million inhabitants the young EU country constitutes an important and attractive opportunity for cooperation.

In times of globalization and due to the need to operate internationally it is necessary to consult a specialist who is able to assist you with extensive expertise, experience and long-time contacts.

Since the foundation in 1996 as a legally independent company and the conversion to AJM Beratungs- und Vertretungs GmbH in 2007 we describe ourselves as a solid partner in the fields of plant engineering, apparatus construction, pipeline construction and steel construction. After 20 years we now can look back on a successful past of procurement and distribution as well as individual job handling.

The combination of technical know-how and a comprehensive commercial expertise will allow us to continue meeting the high quality requirements of recognized partner companies in the future and be a reliable cross-border industrial and commercial representative.

From mediation of small components through production of complete plants to transportation and on-site installation we support you as our partner at home and abroad. The finding and contacting of cooperation partners and trading partners is just the first step towards a broad network of leading manufacturers and suppliers from which you can benefit of in the long term.